The founders


IMperfectionists was founded by Dilayla and Olina.

Dilayla is born and raised in Turkey while Olina is from Denmark. The two of them met while studying at university in England and quickly came to bond over their many shared interests, including fashion and the climate. 

They aim to rethink conventional fashion by producing ethical and natural clothes that can be worn by everyone. 

ung iværksætter

Our textiles are GOTS and Textile Exchange certified.

No clothes without textile 

GOTS tøj

We get our textiles from The Hemp Shop. A family-owned Hemp supplier based in the UK.

All organic

55% Hemp

45% Cotton





etisk produktion

Our textiles are completely natural and organic. 

ethical production

We embroider everything onto our sweatshirts instead of printing to prevent them from wearing or fading away.

All the embroidery are created using 100% cotton yarn.

OEKO-tex tøj

Friendships don't fade

Neither should your clothes

Our labels are made from cotton and use OEKO-tex certified dyes.

Find proof here.

Durability at the core

ethically made

Our production takes places in Istanbul, Turkey.

Safe working conditions 

Living wages 

young entrepreneur
dansk tøjmærke

We use small local vendors throughout. 

Dilayla is present throughout the whole production to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Fashion Revolution


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